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Or “An account of why I love this game” in a 3 part journal entry.

I’ve been Pokke village’s main hunter for a few weeks now.  That pretty much means I serve the snow covered, mountain top community by terminating pesky velociraptors and dragons.  I’m really starting to get into the role by this point, and some parts of the joy of the hunt are becoming second nature to me.  In any case, it’s high noon and I’m in the blazing hot desert.  I’d taken a contract the previous day to bring down a massive enemy hermit crab, known officially as the Daimyo Hermitaur.

The village has set up my base camp in a nice, shaded area surrounded by cavern walls, so I’m safe from the sun for now.  My make-shift armor, a patchwork of wyvern scales, monstrous ape fur, rare plant fibers, and experiences, fits like a glove.  The mid-day sky is as blue as it gets.  I check the village supply box for gear picked personally by the elder: someone who surely knows more about the fight ahead than I do.  There’s the normal desert care pack, the standard kit for dealing with particularly large critters, and…a box simply labeled “Bouncing Bombs.”  I’ll have to hold my breath on that one.

I should note that this isn’t my first attempt at bringing down this particular crustacean; once when I was a much less experienced hunter, I took a similar mission despite having never bested anything larger than a Giadrome.  At the time I ran headlong into the fray and got a sound thrashing thanks to my inexperience.  I’m determined to see this mission go differently.

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