Apologies for the complete and deadening silence around here lately.  Since QuakeCon we’ve been spending quite a lot of time gearing up for another year of college, which is a multi-layered and frightening process for yours truly.

QuakeCon was…well, like I said, fun, but with some painful bits.  It had its fair share of good times, but there was also more than enough hooting, drunkeness, and a surprising number of “bros”.  It didn’t help much that our group had little or no preparation beforehand, and the facilities made operating Steam a pain.  The worlds biggest lan-party: great.  Being stuck there without a bed to sleep in at will, a place to hide when it all becomes too much, and not being entirely sure when or where from your next meal will come.  Maybe not as much fun.

Also, read an awesome article about sex in video games, or more specifically how most games rely on what is already a shitty, outdated, and soul-crushing system of sexuality in real life: Women aren’t Vending Machines.

Or basically: instead of being the result of a good relationship and something that happens between two equally interested partners,  sex in games is really fairly often presented as “push button receive bacon”; basically something you trade and barter for one way or another.  Which is, again, shitty in real life and equally shitty in games.  In a lot of instances, I suppose this is a combination of a byproduct of societal “that’s just the way it is” statements combined with the fundamentals of give-and-take game design.  But the funny, and extreme, example in question is the upcoming Alpha Protocol.  Which apparently features a James Bond type main character that can reportedly have sex with every woman in the game.  Which is dodgy in the first place.  There’s no married women?  No lesbians?  No women who just, I don’t know, are full-fledged human beings with feelings and preferences that might, say, exclude Mr. psuedo-Bond from their list?  Nope.  In Alpha Protocol, women exist to have sex with.  That’s just great.

Oh, wait!  I forgot to mention that there’s an achievement for sleeping with every lady in the game.
And I really don’t know what else to say about that.  The level of shit therein is practically self explanatory.