It’s been sort of a hard journey (though not as hard as some), but here we are at QuakeCon.  Hell, all of our writers are!

First con ever of any sort for me.  Though this is debatably more a huge LAN party than a con, but hey!  It’s equal parts wondrous and terribly frightening, to be honest.

Carried a bunch of stuff?  Check.  Stood in a line?  Check.  Stood in a line again because I’m an idiot? Cheeeck.

Well, so far really I’d classify it as the gathering and personafication of all the best and worst of our community.  There’s a lot of goodwill here and really an interesting sense of…community.  But at the same time, it’s hard to deny the presence of all your typical internet vices and psuedo-masculine nerdisms.  I hope I can take in s’more of the crowd, maybe even do some…networking?  And give more of an impression here!

Note:  I hit Save Draft instead of Publish before walking around the show floor like a zombie, so here’s a two-day-late post about QuakeCon!