Not like there aren’t enough reasons as is: Plants Vs. Zombies is a PopCap title wherein you defend your lawn from cartoon zombies with a bevy of particularly aggressive plant life.  The game is massively fun and beyond charming with a cute sense of humor.  We’re talking pole vaulting zombies, crazy neighbors, zombie dolphins, adorable kitty-faced waterside cat-tails, and even “zomboni” drivers.

The comedy doesn’t seem to stop there, though.

See, it’s not unusual to see terrible ads for browser games on gaming sites.  Usually, of course, they’re along the lines of vague features that may (possibly!) be something resembling elements of a game.  PVP!  Space Combat!  Panda Breeding!  Well, whatever.  These guys have nothing on Evony‘s advertising might:

So is it about strategy or heavy petting?  I'm confused.

So is it about strategy or heavy petting? I'm confused.

This is not Photoshopped, people.  This is on the internet.

Call me crazy, but these honestly leave me feeling just a little bit…well, insulted.  Bah!  Me and my junk have no use for browser games about war or pets or fashion boutiques.  But bring the boobies and it is on like donkey kong.

Of course, Plants Vs. Zombies is not one to be outdone by the likes of Evony, no sir!  It was with a great big smile that I was greeted with upon checking up on my beloved Penny Arcade:

I'd hit that play now button.

I'd hit that play now button.

Oh man.  Oh man oh man.  It’s like one of those teen movie moments.  Someone cue “There She Goes“.

This is probably the best response I could’ve hoped for to a terrible ad campaign like Evony’s.  Plants Vs. Zombies is a fantastic “defense” style game available from Steam, Popcap’s website, and other fine sources.  They even have a free demo available, and a Mac version And zombie cleavage!