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Racing down the grapevine!  Nippon Ichi, (cult-favorite strategy RPG developers behind the Disgaea series and more) recently released a teaser flyer for what looks to be a new PSP Strategy RPG supposedly under work by their Disgaea team.

Official reactions have been, thus far, as follows:


In all seriousness, NIS has always had something of a flirting relationship with sentai heroes and masked heroes in general.  If the focus herein is on said goofy heroes entirely, I’m expecting a wholly good time.  It’s also nice to see an expansion on a transformation mechanic.  They’ve tried things like this in the past, I just always felt like they never quite panned out.

But with the news that Fat Princess is also hitting this week coming to me today, I’m sure as hell having a good day!

I picked up this story from the awesome GameSetWatch, who previously heard it from PSPHyper.  Spread the love!