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Racing down the grapevine!  Nippon Ichi, (cult-favorite strategy RPG developers behind the Disgaea series and more) recently released a teaser flyer for what looks to be a new PSP Strategy RPG supposedly under work by their Disgaea team.

Official reactions have been, thus far, as follows:


In all seriousness, NIS has always had something of a flirting relationship with sentai heroes and masked heroes in general.  If the focus herein is on said goofy heroes entirely, I’m expecting a wholly good time.  It’s also nice to see an expansion on a transformation mechanic.  They’ve tried things like this in the past, I just always felt like they never quite panned out.

But with the news that Fat Princess is also hitting this week coming to me today, I’m sure as hell having a good day!

I picked up this story from the awesome GameSetWatch, who previously heard it from PSPHyper.  Spread the love!


Alright, 2D fighting games?  Pretty cool.  They’re also seeing something of a comeback recently, with Street Fighter IV actually doing some pretty good numbers, and lots of folks being psyched for BlazBlue and King of Fighters XII.  But it’s seemed to me for a while that fighting games as a whole have been…well, not aging so well as a genre.

Sure, the visuals keep getting pumped, the soundtracks keep getting grander, and now we can fight people anywhere on the globe at the drop of a hat, but what about the rest of the game?  What about the gameplay, the accessibility of it, and how we learn it?  What about story, our favorite characters, and synergizing all that with the actual game we’re playing?

Of course, it seems the guiding mantra of developers when it comes to the core of fighting games is largely “If it ain’t broke,” and that’s worked well enough up until now.  And while this is a logical thing to think, and hardly a bad attitude to have with game design, the fact remains that it could be done a lot better.  In its current state, most core fighting gameplay is catered to one demographic; fighting game fans.  Which is, again, a business strategy that surely “ain’t broke”, but why should developers settle there?

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