Continuing on with the E3 round up, we find our way to Nintendo, who, despite putting up record numbers in console and game sales, came into E3 with something to prove. Accused with having a drought of quality games for the Wii, Nintendo has long had a history of tension with the 20-something gamers who say that they are “too old” for their games, but now even their loyal fans might have found their Wii unused for a few months this past year. Nintendo needed to prove that they still knew how to make the games that made them big, which was the focus of their show.

Nintendo did show off the right games in their show this year: a very good mix of the “core gamer” hits like Metroid and Mario. There were a bunch of Mario games this year (some have accused them of being a one note), but all the games are very different. First you have Mario Galaxy 2, the first time two proper “Mario games” have been on the same system since the NES (I’m not counting Yoshi’s Island and Luigi’s Mansion which just play too different from the base mechanic). If you didn’t play the first Mario Galaxy, you missed true magic. It captured the fun of exploring beautiful worlds with everyone’s favorite plumber. Mario Galaxy 2 will be adding new game mechanics like new suits and Yoshis; Nintendo will hopefully recapture the magic that made the first such a hit (and a personal favorite) for their system.

The next Mario game is Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. I wish could explain the draw of this title, but you need to have played the previous games to understand why people love the silliness. Combine that with Golden Sun DS and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Wii, we see Nintendo showed some love to the RPG fans out there.

The last Mario game was the biggest in my mind: New Super Mario Bros Wii. Nintendo is hoping to remind people who the king of 2D platforming is after Little Big Planet made such a splash last year. The multi-player looks just as fun as Little Big Planet, even if Nintendo spokesperson Cammie Dunaway appeared to fail at playing.

Of course, the big surprise announcement was Metroid: Other M, getting the only hoots and hollers from the press attending (more on that in a sec). This game looks smoother than butter, and is being made by the famously hardcore Team Ninja. I enjoyed Metroid Prime but Other M looks to give me a brand new Metroid experience.

Wii Motion Plus and Wii Sports Resort made its second E3 appearance this year, and Nintendo showed how much better this little pack is compared to a lone remote. I thought the Motion Plus looked very accurate and showed Nintendo addressing the issue people have with their initial tech delivery. Sports Resort also looks like a fun addition to anyone’s game lineup; I just want to start swordfighting with my roommate over who takes out the trash. Nintendo also talked about their titles for casual gamers (I hate that term so much) but hey, if I didn’t talk about the Hannah Montana PSP bundle, I won’t bore you with the latest dress up game for the DS.

Nintendo showed off a ton of big titles, but I wasn’t as interested in their presser as I was in Sony’s. If I had to give one reason for that it is simply this: execution. Nintedo’s conference had plenty of substance, yet the style it was presented in was was atrocious. All the speakers droned on with little energy the entire time, and I think I know why. Last year, Nintendo’s speakers simply played games on stage and acted silly with Wii Music and Wii Resort. Afterwards the blogs all blew up with posts about how “Nintendo isn’t hardcore” and “Cammie Dunaway smiles like a mental patient.” Well bloggers, Nintendo does listen to us, and they seem to have overreacted a bit.  When even the ever popular Reggie Fils-Amie acts that boring, well … Nintendo, if your listening, I have a message for you …

Just be yourself. Your fans want you to make the games we like. That starts with being the company that has the carefree image that you’re associated with. You did go a little too far last year. We don’t want to see pictures of your kids because well, we don’t want to see pictures of anyone’s kids. Wii Music just looked too damn silly to do in front of others, and, well, that was your biggest story last year. You made this year about games, but it was like you didn’t want us to know that you have fun with them. Just next time, do what you do best, show us amazing games and be excited about them with us. Oh, and Ms. Dunaway, I would rather have a grinning, proud mom laughing about Mario then a stoic English teacher lecturing me about Mario, and you are way better at smiling and laughing then any of the other PR guys on that stage.

(P.S. That had to be the worst way to show the Vitality Sensor (which is an interesting tech piece to be sure). There was a reason that those two minutes that you spent talking about it overshadowed all the other awesome news in the minds of the press.)

(P.P.S. All those third party games look so sexy. Please give Vanillaware (Muramasa: The Demon Blade) and High Voltage (the Conduit and the Grinder) lots of money. I hear that several of your devices print it.)

(P.P.P.S. Can I have another Star Fox game please? A good one this time (maybe like the DS one, but with some of the classic gameplay too). Oh, and a Kirby game for the Wii too, and Earthbound, and Custom Robo, and … )