This is hardly new news for those most devoted of internet scourers, but as far as I’m concerned the more people know about this the better!  Your faithful poster first heard about this on GameSetWatch, but a number of folks have posted about it since.

Intrepid chip-tuners Pterodactyl Squad describes their tribute album thusly:

“‘The 8-bit Album’ is a collection of Weezer tracks as interpreted by some of the brightest stars of the 8-bit music scene.”

As I’m too much of a noob to chiptunery to really say much about the artists, I’ll just say that, well, I love me some Weezer, and I love me some chiptunes.  And I’ll just let their teaser song for the upcoming album speak for itself.

I’ve listened to that damn thing at least 50 times by now.  Can’t wait to have it in WinAmp, as my clicking finger is getting tired of hitting play on the vid.  In any case, I just know I’m looking forward to Buddy Holly and Island in the Sun like a kid on Christmas.

Read all about the upcoming album, including a tracklist, at the “Weezer 8-bit Tribute” blog, and watch Pterodactyl Squad’s website for the actual release and more from the group!