Well, my E3 wishes, in any case.  It’s true the festivities have kind of already started.  The Microsoft conference is coming up in about a half an hour from writing this!  But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have hopes.

So, before things really heat up,

“Dear E3 Santa, I’ve been pretty freaking cool all year, so please stop calling me gay when we play Team Fortress 2 together.”

  • A few new awesome looking “normal” games from Nintendo.  They don’t need to impress the “hardcore” gamer (scoff) crowd.  Just something to look forward to.
  • Along that vein, anything having to do with Earthbound or Mother would make me happier than a clam in clam sauce.  (Like that’s gonna happen.)
  • Zone of the Enders!  MOAR.
  • Please make Square Enix’s next MMORPG entirely awesome.  A dash of all the things I liked about FFXI on top of a brand new, modernized Massively Multiplayer cake would be delish.

Well, there’s more than that, but I want to keep things short and sweet.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, though.